We believe the entrepreneurial journey should be celebrated.

To have an entrepreneurial mindset requires a vision, lots of optimism and tons of good old-fashioned grit.

At Emerse, we believe in empowering entrepreneurial-minded leaders to build the businesses they want and deserve… and we do this with a strong sales bias!


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Our Core Values Differentiate Us

Core values are discovered, not created. They are in the DNA of the business and reflect our true and best selves.

At Emerse, we believe in the following:
  • Make an impact – outcomes, not activities
  • Seduce with stories – how we communicate matters
  • Embrace tough days – every experience is a lesson
  • Enjoy the journey – growing is hard, but rewarding


Our Why

Emerse was founded to address the systemic shortcomings in traditional sales consultancy, training & development.

We believe that:

  • Traditional consultancy lacks impact
  • Training tends to “die in the room”
  • No (battle) plan survives first contact
  • Neither planning nor learning means much without action
  • Great execution comes from good systems & better habits

The Team

Morné Smit
Founder and Principal

During a 20 year career in sales, marketing and management, across five different industries, I’ve often been asked, ‘how did you get into this sector’ and ‘what is it about this particular product or service you are passionate about?’

I always said the same thing. It’s not really about the product or service for me, it about the process and the people.

I believe that success leaves clues and my passion is helping like-minded business people discover how to achieve mastery.

I am as grateful for my failures, as I am my successes. Maybe even more so.

Emerse was born out of my beliefs, successes and failures. And I’m proud to share it with our clients.

Oliver Tuffney
Engagement Manager

A mix of the North and the South, I’m originally from Kent and grew up in Lincolnshire. I studied Entrepreneurship and Marketing in Manchester before spending my earlier career in the world of fast-moving-consumer-goods. A lover of competition and endurance, my spare time tends to get filled with triathlon training… Ironman is in sight!

Nuno Bastos

Italian-Portuguese who worked and lived in China, Italy and now the UK. I graduated in Management and Leadership at the University of Exeter and I have worked in many sectors: telecommunications, premium wines and spirits, health and nutrition, fitness, food and beverage and office spaces. Love a good cup of tea and a complex Excel spreadsheet, the harder the challenge in Operations the more I want in.

Neil Hunter
Certified Coach

Born and bred in Sussex, I have enjoyed a career that has seen me travel all over the UK and internationally as a senior leader, coach and mentor for various global businesses over the past 25 plus years.
Having competed and subsequently coached sport from grass roots through to National level, I thrive on the connection and similarity in developing sports people/teams, with business individuals and leadership teams.
Away from work I enjoy travel with my wife, watching and supporting our children enrich their lives as well as enjoying a round of golf.

Andy Edwards
Associate Coach

Following 25 years as a trainer, coach and speaker I thrive on inspiring leaders and helping them advance in building business relationships, understanding others and cultivating an attitude for success. If not travelling the globe delivering training programmes you’ll likely find me in the garden or with my daughter, Rosie.