“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”

Isaac Newton
Objective Management Group
The Original Sales Assessment Company
OMG continues to pioneer the Sales Assessment Industry by providing crucial insights to maximise performance in companies of all sizes and industries. Used by more than 30,000 companies and 2 million sales professionals globally, it is the gold standard for sales specific assessments and evaluations.
Leverage Sales Coach
Sales leadership development programme
Business owners want reliability and predictability of results. Leverage Sales Coaching supports owners, sales managers and sales teams who want a better way to grow sales and profits. Using proven sales systems, processes, tools and best practices, the company runs a sales leadership development programme.
The Sales Enablement CRM
Membrain makes it easy for B2B sales teams to execute a sales strategy to consistently reach targets. It is a market-leading & award-winning sales platform that reinforces the behaviours needed to win consistently in B2B sales by putting how you sell, at the core of your business.
Wealth Dynamics
The world’s leading profiling tool for entrepreneurs
Wealth Dynamics has rapidly grown into the most widely adopted profiling system for entrepreneurs and business owners globally. It links strengths and weaknesses to preferences, and then gives clear role models and strategies to follow. It takes the very best of MBTI, DISC and Strength Finder, and delivers a system that's intuitive, relevant and easy to explain.
Talent Dynamics
The number one business development pathway for accelerating trust and flow
Talent Dynamics is an international business development training company built on the principles and tools of the Talent Dynamics Pathway. It covers five countries; accelerating trust and flow across the world.
Growth management software
Align gets companies and their teams on the same page, so they stay focused on the things that really matter. More than just software, Align creates good habits by creating a company culture focused on transparency, accountability, open communication and execution.
Growth Institute
Executive online training platform
Growth Institute is an online training platform built for teaching the methodologies of Gazelles to executives around the world. Content on the site has been created by internationally renowned business leaders such as Jack Daly in line with the four decisions that drive business growth; people, cash, strategy and execution.
Entrepreneurial education platform
GeniusU is the world's number one entrepreneur education platform.