2º Performance Coaching™

Tiger Woods and Richard Branson have coaches. Shouldn’t you?

Why do the best athletes and business leaders in the world need ongoing coaching?

Because unguided practice does NOT make perfect, it makes permanent. To be our best, we need considered coaching and guidance. 10,000 hours of repetition may make you an expert; but you can achieve mastery with a coach in significantly less time by improving the quality of your focus and actions.

2º Performance Coaching™ is about making small, incremental coaching corrections early and consistently, so that new (better) habits are formed.

We provide quantitative measurable coaching & mentoring for:

  • Non-sales professionals
  • Individuals Salespeople
  • Sales Teams
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Director / Leader

Why should you do it?

Our goal is to nurture a coaching culture within your business, so that it becomes second nature and not another task that is added to the weekly To Do list.

The impact of our coaching can be measured quantitatively. At the start of any engagement, we utilise tools from OMG to benchmark the current mindset, DNA and competencies of each member of the team.

This is measured again at the end of the engagement, to test the impact, capture lessons learnt and celebrate improvements.

Excuses do not exist on great teams...

It’s raining on both sides of the field.