Predictive Success Sales Hiring

92% of recommended and hired candidates will reach the top half of your sales force within 12 months. Guaranteed.

What does hiring the WRONG salesperson cost your business?

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Emerse is NOT a recruitment company. We simply know there is a better way to hire Sales A-players.

What if you could predict with 92% certainty whether a new Sales or Business Development hire was going to be successful?

How much time and money would that save?

How much more confidence would that give you in growing your business?

What is it? 

Using the industry-leading assessment tool from the Objective Management Group, Emerse can help you transform the way you hire sales & business development individuals.

Why should you do it?

Sales recruitment is an expensive function to experiment with. Getting it right yields incredible benefits. Falling short, will stunt growth and can be crippling to your cash flow.

  • Success guaranteed, or the assessment is free
  • Scale your sales team with confidence
  • Invest cash in growth, not mistakes
  • Protect your investment in marketing and new opportunities
  • Hiring only A-players lifts everyone’s performance
  • More sales + more profits
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